Guide on how to Improve Your Business Writing

For many business personnel, effective writing plays a major role in completing daily jobs, from writing proposals to writing emails. Effective business writing training is very important, especially if you want to motivate your employees, resolve a conflict, earn a job promotion and even win over customers. On the other hand, poor business writing can compromise your professional credibility and image.

However, you don’t have to be a trained poet to deliver high quality writing. With proper business writing training, you too can deliver writing that captivates and impresses. To get started, here are the tips for effective business writing.

Keep it short

Readers usually hate to struggle through very long paragraphs that are filled with complex sentences and phrases. To attract your readers’ attention, keep your writing precise and succinct, use declarative sentences and reduce words as much as possible. Also, replace long words with short words.

Don’t use buzzwords, clichés and business jargon

Overused, tired and cliché words will not win over your audience and won’t even disseminate your message.  Avoid such words whenever you can, but you can instead be more specific with what you want to convey to the reader.

Be professional

When writing, avoid using abbreviations, emojis, inappropriate jokes, personal comments as well as cutesy signoffs, and when using exclamations points, use them sparingly. Also, use professional closing statements such as “all the best”.

Avoid passive and always stick to active voice

Using active voice is an easy and quick way to strengthen your business writing. There is a huge difference when you write your sentences and phrases using passive voice and when you use active voice. This, however, does not mean that when you use passive voice, you are grammatically incorrect, but passive voices usually have very longer sentences that active voice. Additionally, you will have to know more about past participles, past tense and all types of verbs to use passive voice perfectly.

Use very little prepositions

 Cut down on prepositions because they make your business writing look wordier and weaker, especially when you use prepositions and verbs simultaneously. Try changing “ the report regarding our financials for 2015” to “the 2015 financial report” or “determine “ instead of “figure out”.

Word choice

When sending out messages on emails, business correspondence at work and memos, do not use complex words that readers can’t understand. Instead, use simple words that readers can easily comprehend. The main purpose of your message is to make sure that your readers understand it well.


Most people depend on spellcheckers, but what they don’t know is that spellcheckers often miss content and grammatical errors. Therefore, before you submit your writing, proofread it closely. You can also ask someone else to review your work. It is easy for another person to spot errors that you probably overlooked.

To improve your writing, consider business writing training seminars. You can also enroll for a business writing training course, in a reputable training centre like New Horizons learning centers. For more details go to